Circle Pixels Effect

This Tutorial consists of turning a simple colorful picture into a pop art style art. We’ll start off with this colorful flower. Beautiful as it is we’ll modify it and give it a groovy appearance.

On the same layer as the flower’s, click on Filter>Pixelate>Mosaic

Once you see the option box, simply increase the cell size to whatever you want. My current picture isn’t really big, so I’ll choose a fairly small square size, that way the end result will still be a flower. Note that you will have to remember the size you chose, for it will be of use on the next step.

Create a separate document. This time the width and height will be the square size you chose earlier. I chose 10, so I will be entering that number in both cases. As for the resolution, choose the same one you chose for the main project. 300px is ideal for printing.

When you see the canvas, choose the circle select tool. You might only see the rectangular shaped select tool at first, but simply click, hold and choose the circle one.

Now create your circle starting from the top left corner, make sure you’re holding Ctrl so you’ll get a uniform circle.

Now simply hit delete, or click Edit>Cut. If you are unable to delete the background portion, simply double click on your locked background layer and a layer option window will appear, candidly press ok, and your locked layer will become unlocked. Make sure that the circle part is deleted, exposing the transparency. After click deselect, or Ctrl+D.

After you deselect your shape, click on Edit>Define Pattern. The window below will appear, simply name it; I personally named it Circle 10px. Once you’re done, hit OK, and close the project.

Now that you are back to your initial project, create a new layer and click Edit>Fill.

You will have to fill that layer with the previously created pattern. So go ahead and choose your pattern, click on it, and click OK.

And voila, your project is done! You may merge both layers if you want.

Here is another one I made.

Remember, test around, and make sure your pictures have a high resolution and a lot of vibrant colors.

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