Ice Text Effect

This tutorial will consist of giving this text a winter chill ice effect. To get the best results start with a fairly large font and make sure the background has a mix of white and blue, in this case, a light blue.

Now, you will have to rasterize that text by right clicking on the text layer.

Now it’s time to give the font some ice effect, to do that, open you blending option by right clicking on the text layer and choosing “Blending Options”.

First off, when your Layer Style Window opens, make sure you pull down the “Fill Opacity”.

Next, check Bevel and Emboss and copy the settings you see below.

Next, check Contour and copy the settings you see below.

Next, check Texture and copy the settings you see below.

As for the pattern, you have to change it to “Clouds 128x128”. It’s already included with the software, if you can’t find it, click on the arrow that’s circled in red and choose reset. When everything is done, hit OK.

You will now need to select the text, in order to that, simply hold Ctrl and click on the text layer.

Now, click on your gradient tool and choose a gradient moving from White to Transparent.

Now drag the gradient tool vertically down your text. If your text is placed on over the other like mine, simply do as I said and for the next step create a new layer.

As I said earlier, create another layer and drag from top to bottom again.

All you have to do now is erase the top gradient from the new layer, and keep the gradient for the bottom text.
As you can see, you should end up with something like this, I added a little bevel on the gradient to give it a 3D look.


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