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This is a picture of world paper money specially prepared for customizing. We have used special techniques in the PSD templates in order to make this frame valuable. A set of actions have been applied together with filters and textures on the area where customer photo will be displayed. The results - any photo inserted in the money frame will look like integrated in the banknote (the photo structure and colors will look maximum closely to banknote). This way the output frame looks more realistic. Of course you have the possibility to turn off those layers that we created and insert your photo without any masks, filters, textures on it.

All you need is just to select the banknote you like and load it into a graphic editor that supports PSD (i.e Adobe Photoshop). Then you JUST ADD YOUR FACE! You can print it on a color printer and put it in a frame.

GREAT GIFT IDEA! IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS! Just don't go shopping with it.

See sample money frame pictures here.

You like this template but don't have Photoshop? Don't know how to use PSD files? We can do it all for you. Check our Custom Design section.

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