Fear Up Effect

This tutorial consists of turning this adorable cat into a fearsome black witch’s demon cat. It won’t be too complex; it will mainly involve some color modifications.

First off, let’s extract this cat from its friendly environment, providing it with a suitable background. Click on Filter>Extract. When you see the filter window, click on the brush, and to your right you will notice some configurations, all you have to do is concentrate on the brush size, for this particular tutorial I will choose 8, because the picture is rather small. All you have to know is that the smaller the brush the longer it will take, however the end result will look slick.

The process of extracting is fairly simple. There are two main parts, the objective (the cat) and the background. Using the green marker, you will trace half over of the objective and half over the background, like the picture below. Then you will take the paint bucket and click on the area you want to keep, and that area will become blue. After you click ok, and you will realize that the cat is the only thing on your canvas.

Now click on Image>Adjustments>Levels, or Ctrl+L. In this step you will have to increase the blacks in your picture. So all you do is drag the little left cursor until you get a satisfying result.

Create a duplicate of the current layer, simply hit Ctrl+J and name it if you want. You may call it “Black and White”

Now make sure you’re on the “Black and White” Layer. Click on Image>Ajustments>Black and White. You’ll get a window that looks like the picture below. What you’ll do is get rid of the highlights, in order to do that take the color cursors and move it to your left, aka the dark side. I simply moved the Reds and the Magentas.

Now make sure your black and white layer is on top, and then change your blending settings from Normal to Multiply. You may also want to reduce the opacity of the black and white layer if you think your picture is too dark.

Now, click on the masking button situated on the left main toolbox. Or simply hit Q.

Take your brush tool; choose an appropriate size with a moderate smooth level. Paint over the cat’s eyes. The results should be like so. An opaque red color should appear.

Now press Q again, or the Mask button. You will realize that the marching ants selection has selected everything but the eyes, simply hit Ctrl+Shift+I to invert the selection. Now create a new layer, and fill those eyes with black or white. Then Click on Filter>Render>Clouds, or Difference Clouds.


You should get this result.

Now, on the same Eyes layer, hit Ctrl+U, you will be faced with the Hue and Saturation option box, simple click on the colorize box, and change the hue to an appropriate color, I chose yellow, for it is fearsome. Note that the saturation cursor may also be a little tweaked.

Now change the blending option to Linear Light, and reduce the opacity if you want.

You can now darken some of the areas with the Burn tool. As you can see, the circled red selections are the spots I will burn.

Now it’s time to create a background on a separate layer. I simply held Ctrl+Shift+Alt then navigated to Filter>Render>Clouds. Then I tweaked the levels, by hitting, Ctrl+L. I accentuated both the blacks and the whites. I then changed the color by using the Hue and Saturation option Ctrl+U. I clicked on the colorize box and I change the hue to this purple/blue glow.

Now I placed the cat on the background and I burned the left edge of the cat so it could blend better into the dark side.

That’s pretty much it. All you have to do is imagine the spookiest idea, and bring it to life.


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