Ipod Silhouette Effect

This tutorial will teach you how to turn a regular picture into those slick Ipod ads. The only requirement is a picture of someone listening to an Ipod.

The first thing you will do is get rid of the background. There are several ways of doing this, but for this particular tutorial I used the polygonal lasso tool, and I zoomed in to preserve as much details as possible.

Try not to get too close to the earphone cord; it will be taken care of later. Just get rid of the obvious background, like the picture below. Don’t forget to get rid of the closed parts, like between her torso and arm.

Now, smooth out the selection with the eraser tool. Get rid of the remaining bits of background. Don’t forget to preserve as much details as possible.

When you’re done with the smoothing process, your picture should look something like this.

Create a new layer called “Layout”. On that layer you will trace over the Ipod and the cord using a white colored brush. My brush size was 1px, then again I had a small image, just choose the size that is appropriate for you picture.

This is the finished result of the tracing.

Now, you can get rid of the background plus the cord that was kept earlier.


Your picture should now look like this. Nicely selected, with a properly traced Ipod.

Finally make sure you’re on the “girl’s” layer. You will now turn that picture into a silhouette. Hit Ctrl+U, which will open the Hue/Saturation option box, all you have to do is get the Lightness down to -100.

Lastly create a background layer, and give it a nice gradient with the Gradient tool.

Here is the final result.

Here is another one, without a smoothed outline.

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