Shiny Button Effect

This tutorial will show you how to make a Web 2.0 style button. Start with a new layer, then take your oval select tool, and create a circle out of it, by holding Shift.

Now fill that circle with a smooth gradient. Don’t choose a gradient with a drastic change. Then fill the circle with it.

Now when that is done, create another layer, with the oval select tool then select the lower portion of the circle like the example below.

Fill that selection with a white to transparent gradient, like so.

Now click on the circle select tool but set the feather to 20%.

Then, create a little oval at the top of the circle and fill it with white. Edit>Fill…

The top white oval may be exceeding the circle, in order to get rid of that select the whole circle by Ctrl clicking the layer. Then go to Select>Modify>Contract, then enter a number from 2 to 4, click OK when done. Finally, make sure you’re on the top shine layer, and hit delete.


Lastly add a new layer above the “big circle” and set that layer to multiply.



Voila, a finished button, with a locust in it.

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