Simple Text Glow Effect


This tutorial will give this text a little more exciting look. For this tutorial almost any standard font will work, just keep away from those skinny fonts.


By right clicking on the layer and choosing “Rasterize”, you will turn that font into an image. Then hit Crtl+J to duplicate that layer.

Click on the second layer and go to Filter>Blur>Radial Blur.
When the window comes up, choose the following options.

You should now get something that looks like this.

Now, hold Ctrl and click on the top text layer. Then click on Select>Modify>Contract, and enter 2 on the field. You might want to change the number depending on your font size.
You will now, with the selection, click on Edit>Fill, with white, on a separate layer.

Once you deselected, go to, Filter>Noise>Add Noise; and enter the following settings.

Now, make sure you have the noise set on a separate layer, then double click on it to open the blending options.

Check the “Outer Glow” bow and set the following options.

Finally create a background gradient, make sure the color is fairly soft.

There you go, the final results, once again, you don’t want to choose a dark gradient, otherwise the shadow wont show.


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